Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2008 Honda Accord EX Review

I've had my car for a week an 2 days now and I absolutely love it. 1099 miles have gone by so quickly and ever so comfortably. Yes I know that's alot to drive in 9 days, but it's fun to take trips in such an excellent car.

  • Excellent Handling
  • More than adequate accelleration at 190HP
  • Cavernous Space
  • Lumbar Support
  • MP3/WMA 6 Disc In-Dash Stereo with Steering Controls
  • Leg Room
  • Huge Trunk (I can fit boxes from Ikea in there without having to fold down the rear seat)
  • 450+ Miles on a tank of gas
  • 26+ MPG in mixed driving
  • Sunroof closing with the key in the door
  • Heat Venting with the Key in the door (opening all windows and sunroof on a hot summer day before you get in)
  • Popup Ventilation (Think BMW)

  • Aux Input lacks Ipod Control (Hopefully there will be an dongle for the 08 Accord Soon)
  • Car whistles at high speeds
  • Low Drag Coeffiecient leads to being pushed around in windy conditions
  • Engine is a tad bit noisy during low speed accelleration
  • Navigation and Bluetooth only offered on the Navigation Models
  • No Fog Lights

Other than a few cons I absolutely love this car. I test drove a few and it was a no brainer when it came to this one. Thanks Consumer Reports for helping me with my decision. I waited for their complete review of this car before I even test drove the car. The entire Honda purchasing went exceptionally well. The process was so streamlined I could not believe it. It was not an all Saturday afternoon fiasco like my last car purchase. Honda even does a survey a week after purchase so they can get feedback on how they're doing. I see why they have such excellent owner satisfaction and make such great cars. Kudos to Mikal Willams at Nalley Honda for the stellar service. Despite some of the reports there is a trip computer. I don't think that most have even tested it.