Saturday, September 10, 2011


It's 09 10 11 today!

Stuff I Use At Home

I've often been asked what happens here at the Jetson house. The house does talk but I I've turned it off because it is a little spooky. I'm going to a brief list of what I have and what's been modified.

Here's some of the stuff that I can disclose.

Starting from the curb and going in.

Mailbox - standard edition that came with the house
Modification: X10 Motion Sensor to detect mail deliveryand/tamper if the mailbox door was left open.

Wifi Router - Linksys Wndr3700 dual band wireless n router. It reaches to the curb.

Microcell - AT&T Microcell because I live in a valley where only Verizon works.

Door Locks - Schlage iLink Zwave locs because I'm a home automation junkie

Light bulbs - generic Led from amazon and fry's and CFL bulbs from Ikea

Audio - Logitech Squeezebox Booms in large rooms, Logitech Squeezebox Radios in small rooms.

I have Squeezebox Duet connect to my surround sound system in my loft.

Air Purification - Surround Air Intelli-Pro air purifiers.

Thermostat - Wayne Dalton Zwave Thermostat. It's programmable from my house automation system.

TV - LG 42" LCD, Viore 40" LCD

DVD - LG BD390,LG BD550

Gaming - Nintendo Wii

Surround Sound - soundmatters Mainstage HD soundbar

Universal Remote - X10 Iconremote

Computers - 13" MacBook,13" MacBook Pro, Mid 2011 Mac mini, Original MacMini

Tablets - iPad 1, IPad 2

Home Automation Systems - I use a combination of the Micasaverde Vera and Misterhouse because I have a hybrid Zwave and X10 setup. I can do things in perk with Misterhouse that I have not been able to program in Lua for the Vera.

PVR - mythtv. I have a Hdhomerun classic, Hdhomerun prime, and a Motorola DVR that feed to a backed allow me to have 6 shows record at one all over the network. The drv is connected Via FireWire to a mediapc that records over a Nfs mount on my main server.

Home Server - running amahi 6.1, Misterhouse, mythtv 0.24, Logitech Squeezecenter, Twonkyserver. 4TB raid 10 array with a 2.3 TB raid mad for backup. And yes I've had both to fail in the past.

Here's a diagram of it. Some components have changed slightly but most of it remains the same.

16 Days With The Hdhomerun Prime

Ive been using the Hdhomerun Prime Cablecard Tuner for the past 16 day. It's only bee working 10 days due to poor activation on Comcast's part. After about 10 calls and 8 tier 2 activations a technician came out and phoned back into the home office and activated in 4 minutes. Why couldn't the other 15 people have done the same thing.

Comcast rant over.

Since then I've been recording multiple shows at one. The fall tv season is about to start and im Ready to record six shows at once :) . I'm having one major problem that I hope is firmware related. From time to time the Hdhomerun encounters packet loss and that means that mythtv cannot connect to the tuner when it's time to record tv and I miss some shows. Granted I have another 3 tuners waiting to be called to active duty it's not good for it to not work 100% as expected.

Mythtv also has a bug in the latest stable release that's not detecting all 3 tuners. I have to add 2 that it automatically discovers then another fake one that I have to correct in the database. If this is corrected I can ditch my cable box hopefully and save $15 a month.