Saturday, January 07, 2012

Mitsubishi 73" 1080p 120Hz 3D DLP HDTV Review

I did not think that my viewing experience could get much better but it did. First of all my first test was viewing Avatar. I unknowingly inserted the SD version of the movie in my blu-ray player. The quality even from the SD movie was so astonishing I didn't notice until I took the movie out and was shocked that I didn't have the blu-ray inserted.

The quality, brightness, contrast, black levels are amazing. There's no LCD light bleed. No motion blur whatsoever. Even games on my 480p Wii look great.

I'm impressed with the nearly in existent bezel on this thing.

The iOS remote app works well. I can turn off the tv from another room if I forgot to turn it off.

The included Wifi Dongle connects to 5ghz wireless networks.

I have 2 problems There are only 3 hdmi ports, 4 should be standard.
Streamtv is only limited to Vudu and it's apps. Other manufactureres have a much better variety of online streaming apps.

Other than the brief list of cons. Im blown away by this thing. I thought that I would be an LG tv purchaser for life. I was wrong.