Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Ampere Unravel Unboxing

Ampere Unravel Unboxing

The best part of Ampere's Hypercube, the 3 10-watt Qi Chargers were decoupled from the unit and sold a a separate product. I didn't have strong assurance that the Powercube would actually ship so I took a chance on the Unravel.

The premise of it is a folding 3 coiled Qi Charger with a strong magnet in the center of one for all seriess of the Apple Watch. 

It uses a 60 watt usb-c of charger to power all three panels. There is some power loss involved so I don't think that a 45 watt pd charger would give all three panels 10 watts .

Videos Below:

So far so good.  I'm at 5 hours of use. My only complaint is that my Google Pixel 3 slow charges at 5 watts.  It lacks Google's certification for 10 watt Qi charging that currently works with the Google Pixel Stand. 

More to come in a future review.