Saturday, August 28, 2010

Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 Review

This was my choice in the free iPhone 4 Case Program of 2010. I've used a  Incase cases for my iPod touch and iPad ,so I thought this would be a natural progression to also use them for my iPhone.

I took the case out of the box and though "Meh" as soon as I touched it. It has a slippery hard plastic feel to it and it felt like glue or some type of adhesive was on the back of it.  I'm sure that it was fresh off the assembly line in China and went straight to Fedex.  The stand feature was very neat but it's an added product that I will probably lose before I actually need to use it.  Incase should make a case with a built in two position kickstand.

Case on the iPhone





Plastic Stand

Case in Stand

While I waited  for the case to arrive; I  picked up 2 cases from the Lenox Square Mall.  Both provide more coverage and grip than the Incase.  I prefer the Rubber Case over hard plastic.