Saturday, July 28, 2018

Taskin Kube Review

Perfect Minimalist Carry On For A 3-4 day trip
Four Small Taskin Duplex/Taskin Simplex Packing Cubes Fit Perfectly Inside (Taskin Packing Cubes Rock)
Lots of Zippered Mesh Pockets for Storage
Divider System
Dedicated Vented Shoe Pocket
Luggage Handle Sleeve on the bottom of the bag

No laptop compartment
Could use more padding in the zippered pocket area
No locking mechanism

Taskin Kruze Review


Clever Hanging Toiletry Mechanism
Built-in 4 Suction Cups
Anti-Germicidal UV Light Emitter
Premium tarpaulin cover
Metallic food grade inside lining
Waterproof zippers

Very large (21 cm x 32 cm x 8.5 cm) - you may want to back the Taskin Xpress on Indiegogo ( - smaller, lower-tech version of Kruze Toiletry Bag

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Fitbit Versa Issues

My posts in the Fitbit Forums are getting deleted so I'll post here.

Forums have 3 months worth of posts on incorrect step tracking, bluetooth paring issues, notifications and a really nasty "Connected GPS" issue where the Versa is unable to get the GPS coordinates from the phone and there is no fix or admission of a problem in sight.

I'm going to go to speculate that there are Bluetooth radio, firmware or problems with the antenna on the Versa.  I don't believe they can be fixed via firmware updates and the Versa needs to be recalled.  I'm speculating that with everything crammed in the slim profile (battery, screen, haptic motor, motherboard and chips) and now an aluminum case, there is probably signal loss.

There are bluetooth connectivity problems on many android phones and iOS, so it's not limited to android.

I've worn the Versa simultaneously with an Apple Watch Series 2, LG Watch Sport over the past 3 months to have data to prove the Versa is the problem.

Since day one April 12th, 2018, I noticed within about 2 hours that the Fitbit Versa was not capturing my steps properly and I immediately put my Apple Watch back on to continue to get my steps.

The next day I noticed that the bluetooth notifications were not working for hours at a time, then connected gps issues and then later in the week, my alarms were not going off.

After a firmware update in early May that did not address the main issues, I realize that it was something else going on.

The week of July 8th, 2018, I performed a little experiment with the older, cheaper Pebble 2 with Heart Rate this week.

Step Tracking

It tracks steps accurately without the need for exaggerated arm movements. One step forward, back, side up or down counts as a step. 

Location Tracking

The Pebble App is able to use the phone's GPS to track walks and runs without issue everytime.  


Notifications just work.  For some android apps, I can even perform some actions from the Pebble.

Music Playback

Works everytime

No need for a weird Versa Classic bluetooth device being paired.


Every alarm this week has gone off correctly

Added plus of smart alarms to wake you up during the appropriate sleep phase within a specified range of your wakeup time

Text Messages

I can actually send text messages from the Pebble 2 via voice transcription, canned responses or emoji.

Anyone else experiencing major issues with their Fitbit Versa that are not being addressed?

Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Marlon Carry-On Review

I’m reviewing the Marlon Carry-On

I recently purchased this from their website during their flash sale. It’s still ongoing and is 50%.   -

I’ve been following the Carry-On and Backpack for a little over a year since they started the Kickstarter and Indiegogo and the price was right.

You can see The Marlon Backpack Review here:


A Minimalist's Dream

Dedicated Suit Pocket

Integrated USB-A Ports for Charging

Removable 10400 mAH Powerbank

Large Wheels for easy maneuvering and uneven surfaces

Can expand an additional 15 liters for 60 liters of capacity. This is about 5 more liters of space when expanded that you would be missing in other carry-ons with the same dimensions

Dedicated Suit/Dress Pocket


No Side Carry Handle

Bulky laptops can make it difficult for the suitcase to close. A 15in laptop will not fit in the sleeve.

Finicky Assisted compression systems.  Doesn’t always open or close with one touch.

Laptop sleeve some more padding

Items In Video

Taskin Simplex XL Packing Cube -

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

TicWatch Pro Coming

The TicWatch Pro is coming.

Mobvoi's next iteration of the TicWatch, called the TicWatch Pro will be announced in thenext few days.

From the images above and below, it appears to be a hybrid E-ink  and AMOLED screen that a user can select from and possibly a heartrate sensor.

Let's hope the watch has the following features:

Standard Qi Charging
NFC that is capable of using Google Pay
Heartrate Sensor

If the watch packs the above features then it will be a hot until Google releases it's own Pixel watches in fall 2018 .