Wednesday, November 04, 2009

T-Mobile Fail!

Ok, time to take the gloves off. T-Mobile's screw ups over the past month have been monumental and it's time for them to hear what consumers are thinking.

11/3/09 Voice/Data Outage

When it started it was said that it was "only local tower outages" , then only UMA customers not being recognized, then it was only SMS, then it was only data. I smell something fishy in billing/provisioning that Customer Care was not privy to.

I had problems with my Tmobile@Home Voip adapter that is not even connected to your cell phone towers and was unable to make nor receive phone calls. So that leads me to believe that it was something with their provisioning system.

One recommendation T-Mobile. Make updates to the billing and provisioning system at night while 95% of your users are asleep.

Another recommendation is to update all of your Call Centers and Stores on Outages in all areas so that they can have the same answer from all reps.

BTW it was still going on the morning of 11/4. Calls were disconnected and not able to go through.

Even More & Even More Plus Plans

Your Billing and Marketing Departments need to be fired for coming up with such stupidity. I know that you're in the business of making money and all but the average consumer who used myfaves will have to switch to an unlimited plan to compensate for the loss of unlimited calls to their 5 most called contacts who more than likely are not on the T-mobile network. With an Even More Plus plan my bill for Unlimited Voice,Data,Text Plan, Insurance, and Tmobile@Home will come to just over $104 with tax and fee. Even More will come to $130.

Spotty 3G Coverage
When you can get it you better stop moving. Coverage is not contiguous in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. I have an edge detector known as the edge buzz over my car stereo over the auxiliary input.

3G Speeds
It's bad here in Atlanta. It's fast in the fringe areas and slower as you get into more populated areas. Burst speeds up to download speeds are 950 Kbps uploads are still capped at 268 Kbps. When I run tests I'm usually getting double the speed of Edge as if the 3G band is a combination of dual edge cells triangulated to a customer. In the 1 year plus of owning my G1 I have yet to go over the 950 Kbps mark.

When it rains, data all but stops. You would think that the 1700 Mhz band would have been tested in the heat, rain, cold, snow.