Sunday, October 22, 2017

What's In My Bag

I saw a recent Verge Article from Dieter Bohn and thought that people might be interested in what I carry around on a daily basis. I posted a Youtube Video of a Gridit Organizer that I used years ago but that was the last time that I've done something like that.

 Here's everything (minus 2 very important things)

The Bag

Ikea Förenkla Bag -


Weather Stuff

I live in Northern Virginia about 90 miles from the Mason-Dixon, so I'm in a quasi Southeast, North-Eastern US Bubble.  Summers are Southern Hot with lots of humidity and Winters are not too frigid, but can dump 3 ft of snow in a few hours.  I drive to work most of the time but for those times that I bike or take the metro to work, I need to be prepared.

Bula Balaclava -

I generally wear it in the hood or mask position. Full out Clava makes me look like a bank robber.


I'm not wearing a hijab in a display of solidarity with my Iranian Wife

 Robber who can't afford the full mask

Cascade Mountaintech Wool Beenie -
One Black, One Grey

Eddie Bauer - First Ascent Flux Pro Touchscreen Gloves -

I can use my phone while wearing the gloves.  Yeah!

Yaktrak  Snow Trax

I haven't used these yet in the snow and ice, but have used the Yaktrak Snow Action Cleats

Eddie Bauer Packable Rain Pants - Product Discontinued

Ikea Knalla Rain Poncho -

Ikea Knalla Unbrella -

Lifeline First Aid Kit (Discontinued) -

Evelots - Hard Glasses and Contact Case -

One side for glasses and one side for contacts, 2 mini bottles of contact solution, contact picker and a gross mirror.


Razer Blade Stealth -

For the first time in about 12 years, I'm using a windows computer.  This is the 2016 model. It has all the ports and power that I no longer have in my Macbook Pro.   That little silver



Lumix DMC-LX10K  -


Megagear Leather Case -

It's a 4K camera that produces stunning images and video.  It allows you to shoot and focus later. This is all the camera that anyone needs.

Nintendo Switch -

I think it's finally in stock.  I've had mine since release day

$7 Case that gets the job done -


Ravpower 26800 mAH PD Power Bank -

2 USB-A Ports and 1 USB-C Port.

Enough juice to charge power the laptop which is impressive.

Cables and Dongles 

Standard Lightning and USB-Cable

Random USB Squid -

One of my co-workers got this from a trade show.  It has 30 Pin, 2 Micro USB Ports, 1 Mini USB, and a MFI Lighning Port. I added a Micro USB to USB Dongle on the extra micro usb ports.


TNP USB-C Dongle (Discontinued) -
Minix Neo USB-C Dongle -
HyperDrive  USB-C 3-In Dongle -

Phones & Audio

Google Pixel 128 GB Quite Black -

iPhone 6 128 GB Space Gray -

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset and Case -

It's time for a new one, but I've been using this for 5 years.  People report that I sound like I'm speaking in a whisper on this thing.


Pen/Stylus Combo and a Leather bound notebook for those rare times I need to use a dead tree.

Pi  Vpn Access Point + Battery

Raspberry Pi 3 -
Very Good Electronics Battery Pack For Raspberry Pi -
Clear Raspberry Pi 3 Case -
Kootek Raspberry Pi Wifi Dongles -
Raspberry Pi Heatsinks -

The thing that I forgot to show.  I travel with a Raspberry Pi that acts as an access point and VPN router.

What that means is that I can plug this into the Hotel Ethernet or Wireless and allow my laptop, phones, Switch and camera to connect thru it. Also the traffic is going thru a VPN so other guest in the hotel can spy on my traffic.

Backup Bags

Additional Ikea Förenkla Bags if I need to go lighter or carry two laptops.