Friday, March 12, 2010

Low Cost Bluetooth Audio Streaming

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Low Cost Bluetooth Audio Streaming With The Ipod Touch/Cellphones

You may remember my Unintentional G1 Hands Free Car Kit Post from 2008

That is old news now. I've moved up to an ipod touch. I still have my G1.


I'm Cheap and I don't want to pay the $300 to have a Honda Ipod Kit installed in my car

Solution: and some toys.

Ipod Touch with Bluetooth $199
Any Stereo Bluetooth Cellphone $89 on Contract
Jensen Portable Bluetooth Receiver with Mic WBT210 $16
Griffin Noise-Reducing Audio Cable (Ground Loop Isolator Cable) $13
4 Port Car Charger with USB Port $9
Griffin Power Jolt Ipod Charger $10
Moto RAZR Car Charger $0


Plug the Car Charger to the Center Console cigarette adapter
Plug the Griffin Power Jolt to One of the Free Ports on the Charger
Plug the Moto Razr Charger to the other free port
Plug the USB Charger into the free usb port on the charger

Plug the USB Charger to the Jensen Receiver.. charge
Plug the Grriffin Noise-Reducing Audio Cable to the Aux In Port

Pair the Ipod touch
Pair the Cell

Tune to the Aux Input on yor radio. Voila, you have low cost Stereo Bluetooth Streaming and hands free calling over the Aux Input.