Saturday, March 30, 2019

Nomatic Garment Bag and Toiletry Bag First Look

I decided against making a video because there is nothing really sexy about garment and toiletry bags.  You just put clothes in one and stuff to make you look pretty in another. It got the garment bag and two toiletry bags.  It's another hit from Nomatic.  Waterproof materials, tons of pockets and handles.  It's a must-have in your travel collection.

 Back of bag with roller luggage straps.

Inside the outside zipper is swivel hook to hang up the garment bag.

It's big enough for my fingers to fit inside.

Lockable zippers

Opened up with included shoulder strap

Shoulder strap

Packed with two suits

Packed with enough change of clothes for three days.

Filled with two suits and three days of clothes.

Full and should still be under US carry-on restrictions for overhead compartments.

Battle of the bulge

Small Toiletry Bag

Large Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bags Together

Thickness difference

Zipped toiletry bags.