Friday, December 28, 2018

Living A Slim GaN Life

I got a little surprise for Christmas from my parents.  I wasn't expecting them to use my Amazon Wishlist but they did and they got me a Ravpower 45W GaN Wall Charger. Gallium Nitride (GaN) allows the circuitry in chargers to be much smaller.  You can read more in the whitepaper here.

I thought my Google Pixel USB-C to AC Adapter was small, but the RavPower Wall Charger was just obscenely small. It can charge my Google Pixelbook, Pixel, Pixel 3, Nintendo Switch, Razer Stealth just fine. 

They're getting smaller, minus the actual USB-C cable.  I'll put it thru some tests over the next few weeks to see how it holds up.

Currently $54.99 with a 3 off coupon.  Anker has a 27-watt variant, but it doesn't meet my wattage requirements for my laptops.

Monday, December 24, 2018

QIPLUS: 3-in-1 Global Wireless Charger & Powerbank Review

QIPLUS: 3-in-1 Global Wireless Charger Powerbank Review

I was in the market for a Wireless Charger Powerbank with USB-C Power Delivery, USB-A and passthru charging.

I have the CVIDA Qi Wireless Charger 10000mAh Power Bank that only works with the iPhone 8/X and Samsung Galaxy Phones.  Also, I couldn't get the Passthru charging to work and USB-C Power Delivery didn't work.

Along came the QiPlus on Indiegogo, so I backed and got it shipped unfortunately in 5 weeks.

Had I known it would have taken 5 weeks to get here I would have just ordered from Amazon.

Apparently, it's a white label qi power bank with an extra long power cord.  It's been available on Amazon since June 1st, 2018 (Link).  Amazon is providing fulfillment.

It's nothing special.

It takes Display never gets to 100%

It doesn't have USB-C Power Delivery, so if your laptop has more than a 6700 mAH battery, then it will charge the Qiplus. Both my Pixelbook and Razer Stealth laptops charge the Qiplus.

I think the coil in my Nexus 5 stopped working and it isn't up for wireless charging tricks anymore.

(Update 12/24/2018)

I was plagued with failing usb-c cables and the common source was the Qiplus. 

I emailed their support team and got the following statement:

The Port type C is only used as input port which can only be used to charge the Qiplus product itself. It is not designed as an output port and cannot be used to charge other devices.

I would have not purchased the thing if I'd known that :-(

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

SHAPL Suitcase & Backpack First Look

SHAPL Suitcase & Backpack First Look

I have more luggage, yeah!   It's not like I need more luggage.  I backed the SHAPL Suitcase & Backpack 3pc. Full Set on Indiegogo back in July.  It came right on time just before Christmas Travel.   I'll have a full review after Christmas.

It comes with the following items:

3 x Bluetooth Tracker
1 x 20" Carry-On Suitcase
1 x 25" Full-Size Suitcase
1 x Backpack
4 x 26-Letter Alphabet Sticker Set

I would have to say just with unboxing and setting up the bluetooth trackers, it's the most well packed piece of luggage that I've purchased.   The box was beaten up from Korea, but the luggage was perfect.

I look benign, but I'm a Matryoshka doll hiding another suitcase and backpack.

Here's the bluetooth tracker.  You'll need new CR2032 3V Litihum batteries.

Compartments, compartments!

Shoe compartment

20" and 25" next to each other


Here's the backpack.  It's more like a briefcase with shoulder straps.

Laptop compartment

USB-A Port on the Bottom

Here's the usb-a cable to attach to a battery pack.

Tucking the straps in

Backpack on the handle using the luggage strap.

It has the little rubber feet to lay on its side.

Here's what the app looks like:

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Baubax 2.0 Bomber Review

I'm an original Baubax 1.0 Blazer back in 2015 and received the blazer on 4/19/2016.  The blazer was really underwhelming.  The "wrinkle free" fabric wrinkled very easily, the neck pillow was awkward, the gloves made putting on the jacket really hard. The major con was that it required dry cleaning!

Here's a picture of me on a plane wearing the blazer with the inflated neck pillow.

Felt Boa Constrictor Neck Pillow

You can see that the neck pillow looks like a felt boa constrictor choking me and the headphone routing doesn't always work.  I gave up on the internal routing and just kept in my shirt pocket.

ScottyVest noticed the complaints of customers and offered a 30% off coupon on a ScottyVest.  Thanks ScottyVest.

Fast Forward to February 2018 and Bauxbax announces the 2.0 minus the blazer.  I backed on Kickstarter and received on November 1st 2018. I've had 3 full days to wear and decided to give a review.

That's Me

Hood Up, Built-In Gloves Down

Eye Mask Down

Better Packaging (Delayed Delivery by 3 Months)

Jacket, Collapsable Water Bottle, Foot Rest, Blanket

Passive Noise-Reducing Ear Plugs

Retractable Keychain with Whistle-Bottle Opener

Apple AirPod Straps

The built-in gloves are still in the way and are harder to slip your hands thru the open hole, but now the problem is the velcro scratching.

Old Button vs New Velcro Fastener

Eye mask now has a button to hold in place

Overall, 2.0 is much improved. Keep up the good work Baubax. There are still some fit and finish issues, but I'm not embarrassed to wear this one.

Better Fit (A medium is a men's medium and not an extra-small)
Much Warmer
Pockets Galore
Eye mask now has a button to hold in place
Improved sunglass pocket and microfiber cloth
Improved detachable hood

Eye mask now lets in too much light
Built-in glove velco scratches the hand
AirPod Strap rubber is starting to tear on day 3
Hidden Neck Pillow takes some work to use

Update 11-5-2018.

I found the photo of the extremely small gloves that were included in the Bomber 1.0 Order.

Quite Laughable

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Info

Here are the model, build and os Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K out of the Box and after the first update:

Out of the Box:

Android Version:7.1.2
Build: NS6231

First Update:

Android Version:7.1.2
Build: NS6232

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Nomatic Messenger Bag Review

Brief Review and How I Pack My Nomatic Messenger Bag



Tons of Mesh Pockets for Organization

Removable Protective Shell For Glasses

Well Padded Strap

Well Padded Body Side Panel (The portion that comes closest to your body)


The Briefcase Carry Handle Is Not Well Padded

Cord Passthrough could have some guides inside so the cable won't get lost and better markings.  I spent 5 minutes trying to find out how to guide the cable in.

Tight Top Easy Access Pocket (You'll Have Problems With Phones Larger Than 5 Inch Screens)

You can fit a speedlight, dslr (Nikkon D3400 in my case) and 2 lenses in compartments panel.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Lenovo 10" Smart Display In Stock At Costco

Lenovo 10" Smart Displays are in stock at Costco for $199.  Go get 'em.

Monday, August 13, 2018

HyperDrive Wireless Charger USB-C Hub

This thing really works!

5/7.5/10 Watt Wireless Qi Charger
Gigabit Ethernet
3x USB 3.0 Ports
SD Card Slot
Micro SD Card Slot

Works on Windows 10, Chrome OS, MacOS [Not Personally Tested]

None So Far

The only thing that I wished that it had was a powerbank.  I'm asking for too much.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Google Podcasts Starting To Show Up In Android Auto


Google Podcasts Starting To Show Up In Android Auto

Google Podcasts Starting To Show Up In Android Auto

The fragments of Google Podcasts for Android auto are starting to show up in version of the Google App.

There were no Podcasts in the menu, but I expect them to probably start showing up in the next few days.

Here's a video of the new item.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Taskin Kube Review

Perfect Minimalist Carry On For A 3-4 day trip
Four Small Taskin Duplex/Taskin Simplex Packing Cubes Fit Perfectly Inside (Taskin Packing Cubes Rock)
Lots of Zippered Mesh Pockets for Storage
Divider System
Dedicated Vented Shoe Pocket
Luggage Handle Sleeve on the bottom of the bag

No laptop compartment
Could use more padding in the zippered pocket area
No locking mechanism