Sunday, November 04, 2018

Baubax 2.0 Bomber Review

I'm an original Baubax 1.0 Blazer back in 2015 and received the blazer on 4/19/2016.  The blazer was really underwhelming.  The "wrinkle free" fabric wrinkled very easily, the neck pillow was awkward, the gloves made putting on the jacket really hard. The major con was that it required dry cleaning!

Here's a picture of me on a plane wearing the blazer with the inflated neck pillow.

Felt Boa Constrictor Neck Pillow

You can see that the neck pillow looks like a felt boa constrictor choking me and the headphone routing doesn't always work.  I gave up on the internal routing and just kept in my shirt pocket.

ScottyVest noticed the complaints of customers and offered a 30% off coupon on a ScottyVest.  Thanks ScottyVest.

Fast Forward to February 2018 and Bauxbax announces the 2.0 minus the blazer.  I backed on Kickstarter and received on November 1st 2018. I've had 3 full days to wear and decided to give a review.

That's Me

Hood Up, Built-In Gloves Down

Eye Mask Down

Better Packaging (Delayed Delivery by 3 Months)

Jacket, Collapsable Water Bottle, Foot Rest, Blanket

Passive Noise-Reducing Ear Plugs

Retractable Keychain with Whistle-Bottle Opener

Apple AirPod Straps

The built-in gloves are still in the way and are harder to slip your hands thru the open hole, but now the problem is the velcro scratching.

Old Button vs New Velcro Fastener

Eye mask now has a button to hold in place

Overall, 2.0 is much improved. Keep up the good work Baubax. There are still some fit and finish issues, but I'm not embarrassed to wear this one.

Better Fit (A medium is a men's medium and not an extra-small)
Much Warmer
Pockets Galore
Eye mask now has a button to hold in place
Improved sunglass pocket and microfiber cloth
Improved detachable hood

Eye mask now lets in too much light
Built-in glove velco scratches the hand
AirPod Strap rubber is starting to tear on day 3
Hidden Neck Pillow takes some work to use

Update 11-5-2018.

I found the photo of the extremely small gloves that were included in the Bomber 1.0 Order.

Quite Laughable

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Info

Here are the model, build and os Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K out of the Box and after the first update:

Out of the Box:

Android Version:7.1.2
Build: NS6231

First Update:

Android Version:7.1.2
Build: NS6232