Saturday, October 06, 2012

(Updated) October 2012 Comcast Modem Problems

I've seen several posts on the Comcast Forums, Broadband Reports and Twitter of Problems with the Motorola SB6121 and the Arris TM722 starting on 10/01/2012.   My problems started at approximately 10:45 AM Eastern where I've have little to no upstream available for upload and and extremely slow downloads.  The only response that I've gotten back from Comcast is that my modem wasn't added to my account.

I highly doubt that I've had a modem on their network for months and it magically caused a problem that at least 20 verifiable customers across the country are experiencing.

Anyone else having problems?

I have some graphs and proof of the time that it started and the current effects of whatever firmware or cmts issues comcast is having.

UPDATE:  10/08/2012

I've unfortunately had to file an FCC Complaint because I have equipment that is receiving less than optimal service compared to leased equipment.

Comcast is no longer updating the firmware of Customer Owned Cable Modems. This is creating a situation that the data experience is subpar on customer owned equipment vs leased comcast branded equipment for $7 a month. The manufacturer of the hardware does not have the ability to remotely update the firmware.

Attached is the Subscriber Agreement where this new practice was slipped in and customers were not informed nor had an opportunity to agree nor disagree.