Saturday, June 27, 2009

Letter To The Post Master General

Dear Mr. Potter,

I found it rather disturbing today that a fairly simple task of buying a stamp would turn into a game of hunt and seek. Three Post offices in my area have removed their stamp machines. This is a major problem. Who has the time to stand in line to get 1 stamp? A couple of problems are wrong and your committee need to figure it out.

  1. Removal of Stamp Machines. Major problem #1. You think that first-class mailing are declining, expect it to almost stop.

  2. Your Post Offices are understaffed. Why is only one or two out of four registers opened at any time? A facility like the Main Atlanta Post office with dozens of customers waiting should not have to queue in line for 2 registers.

  3. Your staff is not efficient, courteous, nor knowledgeable. Why is it that at staff of 2 at a FedEx/Kinkos can serve 20 customers in the time that it takes you to serve 5? Customers should not be shunned and made to feel stupid for filling out the wrong forms.

  4. Your computing systems are antiquated and need revamping

  5. Not being able to track a package in real-time is unbelievable in the 21st century

  6. Ordering online is painful and delivery is slow. You would think that the US Postal Service would be able to get speedy delivery done right, correct?

  7. Saturday Delivery is a joke. You might as well cut that out as well. Letters that arrive on a Friday afternoon are 90% likely to remain at the local post office until Monday's delivery

I think that hiring some FedEx and UPS guys to help out might be a good idea or else either of them should take up operations for the USPS because you are your own worst enemy. Offer early retirement for workers who are nearing retirement age and fire inefficient ones. Get some new,skilled blood in your ranks. I do have to commend you on your removal of the Java dependency for your online postage printing. This makes printing on non-Microsoft Operating Systems almost flawless.

Thanks for your time,

Noah Swint