Saturday, June 05, 2010

Cocoon Gramercy iPad Messenger Sling

I got it in the mail this morning and I like it alot.

I'll be going to Europe soon and I'm not taking a backpack with me anymore.  A few months ago this revolutionary computing project called the ipad came about and the need for carrying a laptop around is not really necessary.  Not only can it hold my iPad but all the stuff that I need to carry around to sightsee for a whole day.

Here are some more shots of it.

Grid Organizer Example

iPod Touch , iPad, and Grid-It System Inside

Stuff : Starting at noon and going clockwise
(Sony Cybershot, iPad Power Adapter, Headphones, Extra Blackberry Battery,Orbit Gum,
Extra Memory Sticks, Ink Pen, Extra Camera Batteries, Portable Battery Tips
Portable Battery)

Storage in the back for a Slim Umbrella and Toiletries

The straps are strong and it's well designed and doesn't look like a purse :-)

Go out and get one.


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