Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Southern Co. Gets $2.1 Billion Rate Increase Approval

I haven't had my chance to rant about the Georgia Public Service Commission's approval of the 3 year rate increase for Georgia Power. At this point I'm tiffed with utilities with their hands constantly out to pay for company growth. Building new nuclear reactors and power lines is going to cost you money. So like everyone else you need to put the money aside and build when you can afford it. The cost to grow your company should not be passed along to your customers. Georgia Power is being run like our federal government.

The Georgia Public Service Commission is in Georgia Power's back pocket. Their should be some type of investigation of the continuous multi-year increases as I suspect actions are likely Criminal.

I highly doubt that energy sales are slumping as we have had one of the hottest summers on record and now one of the coldest falls and winters. Georgia Power it's time for you to cut your profit margins and find ways to run a more effective and efficient business instead of running with your hands out. We didn't ask to replace all the power meters in Georgia with smart meters but I'm pretty sure that we all paid for them.

It's time now for consumers to get smart and look into alternative energy sources because this trend is likely to continue. Hopefully the price of Solar and Wind energy will become more affordable.

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