Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stuff I Use At Home

I've often been asked what happens here at the Jetson house. The house does talk but I I've turned it off because it is a little spooky. I'm going to a brief list of what I have and what's been modified.

Here's some of the stuff that I can disclose.

Starting from the curb and going in.

Mailbox - standard edition that came with the house
Modification: X10 Motion Sensor to detect mail deliveryand/tamper if the mailbox door was left open.

Wifi Router - Linksys Wndr3700 dual band wireless n router. It reaches to the curb.

Microcell - AT&T Microcell because I live in a valley where only Verizon works.

Door Locks - Schlage iLink Zwave locs because I'm a home automation junkie

Light bulbs - generic Led from amazon and fry's and CFL bulbs from Ikea

Audio - Logitech Squeezebox Booms in large rooms, Logitech Squeezebox Radios in small rooms.

I have Squeezebox Duet connect to my surround sound system in my loft.

Air Purification - Surround Air Intelli-Pro air purifiers.

Thermostat - Wayne Dalton Zwave Thermostat. It's programmable from my house automation system.

TV - LG 42" LCD, Viore 40" LCD

DVD - LG BD390,LG BD550

Gaming - Nintendo Wii

Surround Sound - soundmatters Mainstage HD soundbar

Universal Remote - X10 Iconremote

Computers - 13" MacBook,13" MacBook Pro, Mid 2011 Mac mini, Original MacMini

Tablets - iPad 1, IPad 2

Home Automation Systems - I use a combination of the Micasaverde Vera and Misterhouse because I have a hybrid Zwave and X10 setup. I can do things in perk with Misterhouse that I have not been able to program in Lua for the Vera.

PVR - mythtv. I have a Hdhomerun classic, Hdhomerun prime, and a Motorola DVR that feed to a backed allow me to have 6 shows record at one all over the network. The drv is connected Via FireWire to a mediapc that records over a Nfs mount on my main server.

Home Server - running amahi 6.1, Misterhouse, mythtv 0.24, Logitech Squeezecenter, Twonkyserver. 4TB raid 10 array with a 2.3 TB raid mad for backup. And yes I've had both to fail in the past.

Here's a diagram of it. Some components have changed slightly but most of it remains the same.

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