Monday, July 08, 2013

Social Donation Experiement

I'm about to embark on a great social experiment with you.  I spent the last 11 hours refolding all the articles of clothing that I own and I discovered in the 10th hour that I have an obscene amount of clothing.  The number is somewhere north of 1 year of shirts and sweaters.

What will happen over the next few weeks.  I'll take pictures of all my shirts, sweaters and jackets to Google Plus and allow you to vote whether I keep it or you bid on it if you want it it.  All proceeds go to Goodwill of North Georgia.   

I will exclude purchases within the past 12 months.  I have ultimate veto rights.  No articles that are green, seersucker or both will be donated.

It solves multiple things.  I get to have an out of cycle yearly Purge.  I thought of that name long before it became a movie.  It will get people to use Google Plus.  Ladies and Gents you should be using google for your email, messaging and social needs anyway.  If you're still using AOL or yahoo as your primary email you should be forced to remove your pinky finger on your non-dominant hand.

Stay tuned.

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