Friday, November 10, 2017

Is Google Targeting Its New Pixel Lineup To A New Demographic?

With the launch of the new Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL, Pixelbook and Pixel Buds, I began to wonder if Google was attempting to break away from it's Nerd-Chic demographic with the Nexus and 1st Generation Pixel products to a new younger and more Urban Demographic.


Verizon Pixel 2 Commercials

1 - Too Many Zoos

Snaps, horns and drums. Very catch and bass driven tune for the yutes to dance to.

2 - Danger Twins

Kazoos, drums, driving guitars and clapping. Again, another tune for the yutes to dance to.

Pixelbook Commercial - Karizma

This is a sample of the gospel classic Jesus Can Work It Out by Diane Williams of the Dr. Charles G. Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir.

At that moment, I figured Google is targeting an audience who normally would have never considered Pixel product before.

I'll continue to monitor, but Google Marketing department, I commend you for marketing outside the nerds for the Pixel Brand of products.  They're receiving much more mindshare in my social circle than I've ever experienced with Nexus and Pixel Products.

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