Wednesday, December 19, 2018

SHAPL Suitcase & Backpack First Look

SHAPL Suitcase & Backpack First Look

I have more luggage, yeah!   It's not like I need more luggage.  I backed the SHAPL Suitcase & Backpack 3pc. Full Set on Indiegogo back in July.  It came right on time just before Christmas Travel.   I'll have a full review after Christmas.

It comes with the following items:

3 x Bluetooth Tracker
1 x 20" Carry-On Suitcase
1 x 25" Full-Size Suitcase
1 x Backpack
4 x 26-Letter Alphabet Sticker Set

I would have to say just with unboxing and setting up the bluetooth trackers, it's the most well packed piece of luggage that I've purchased.   The box was beaten up from Korea, but the luggage was perfect.

I look benign, but I'm a Matryoshka doll hiding another suitcase and backpack.

Here's the bluetooth tracker.  You'll need new CR2032 3V Litihum batteries.

Compartments, compartments!

Shoe compartment

20" and 25" next to each other


Here's the backpack.  It's more like a briefcase with shoulder straps.

Laptop compartment

USB-A Port on the Bottom

Here's the usb-a cable to attach to a battery pack.

Tucking the straps in

Backpack on the handle using the luggage strap.

It has the little rubber feet to lay on its side.

Here's what the app looks like:

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