Sunday, January 13, 2019

What's In My Bag - Everyday Edition 2019

I'm updating my "What's In My Bag" for 2019 split into my everyday bag and my photography Bag.
I'm carrying a lot less now because I've switched out almost everything to USB-C and I'm using a Pixelbook Fulltime now.  I still have the Razer Stealth, but I'm finding I can do almost everything on the Chromebook.

Up first is the bag.

I'm using the Nomatic Messenger Bag.  The only way that I can describe how I feel about Nomatic is that I think someone hacked my brain and gave the OCD, minimalist portions to the founders and they ask me for money in return. Everything has a place and there is space for much more.

I made a Youtube Video just to express my initial happiness.

Mouse: Gearhead Dual Mode Bluetooth and Optical Mouse.  It gets the job done and works on all OSes with Bluetooth or USB dongle.

Power Adapter: Google 18W 3A USB-C Rapid Charger and 6ft USB-C Cable. The rapid charger came with one of my Pixels.  Not sure if it was the Pixel 1 or Pixel 3.  The 6ft Cable is for the Pixelbook.

Powerbank:  CVIDA 10000 mAH Qi Wireless and QC 3.0 Powerbank.  I'm still looking for that perfect Qi Wireless Powerbank and USB-C Power Delivery.  I don't know if I assumed that it had power delivery or it was actually on the listing on Amazon. By the time I got around to test the USB-C Power Deliver, It was too late to return.  I've stuck with it mainly due to size and that it has USB A and C output as well as 5W Qi Wireless Charging.

Miscellaneous Cables: CAT6 Cable, Ravpower USB-A to C Cable, Apple USB-A to Lightning 

More cables and Dongles:  Ravpower USB-A to C Cable
Runlink USB-C Headset and Power Delivery Splitter.
Unlocked Huawei 4G LTE Dongle: I have a Google Fi data sim in there.  It works out of the box on Windows, MacOS and ChromeOS.  It takes a little finesse on Linux.  I'll probably make a post soon about that.
Chafon 6-in-1 USB Charge Cable: Newer Generation of a cable that I previously owned.  It drops the Apple 30 Pin Adapter for a USB-C Cable.
Google USB-C Headphone Adapter: Works on all OSses
Google USB-A to USB-A Adapter: Came with one of the phones
Samsung USB-C 128 GB Drive: USB-C on one end and USB-A on the other
Hyper USB-C SD Card Dongle
Attmu 6" Cable Ties: I got them from Amazon.  I originally thought they were AmazonBasics, but is a different brand.

Another Bag that had a bunch of USB-C Cables. More on that later.

Pixelbook Stuff :
Ravpower 45 Watt GaN Power Delivery Charger: I made a blog post after Christmas about my experience here.
Pixelbook 45 Watt Charger
Google Pixelbook:  i5, 8 GB Ram, 256 GB SSD
Google Pixelbook Pen: The most expensive pen that I've ever purchased.

More USB-C Cables:
Vava 8-1 USB-C Hub:  This one is the winner with smallish size and features.  It has 100W Power Deliver, Micro SD Card Slot, SD Card Slot, HDMI Port (4K @ 30Hz), 2 USB-A 3.0 Ports and Ethernet!!!
USB-C To Lightning
Cable Matters Braided USB-C to Micro USB Cable
USB-C to Micro USB OTG Cable
Anker USB-C Ethernet Adapter: For those ethernet only moments when wireless just won't cut it
7.2 Ft USB-C to USB-C Cable

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