Friday, December 06, 2013

Rant - US FDA and 23AndMe

Today 23AndMe complied with the FDA's directive and stopped offering new consumers access to health-related genetic results. This is stupid.  The only thing that I can think of is that the FDA wants some money to review everything that goes on at 23AndMe. 

As governments and municipalities around the world look for funding sources we will see more and more companies pressured with regulation.  

3 years ago I spat into a vial and had my genome sequenced.  With that information I was able to make informed life decisions about potential and existing medical issues that I would not have previously been made away if.  All data is private and anonymous and I chose to share Medical and or relation information with users of the service.  I was able to find relatives that would have been lost  otherwise.   

23Andme is setting a precedence that I believe is being set as America becomes a nation with socialized health care.  I believe that private providers outside of the FDA's watchful eye will no be able to provide citizens services legally.  It will soon become a black market commodity to know that you have a gene for breast cancer. You will increasingly become dependent on the government and it's designated providers for all things pertaining to health,wealth and life. Scary huh?

I hope and pray that the FDA leaves 23andme and other genetic testing companies alone.  I don't think that people are making rash decisions and are plucking out eyeballs and chopping off limbs because if genetic findings.  Genomics is backed by science and I think that the data is valid. The only ways that oversight can be given is for 23andme or other testing companies will need to open source gene mapping data and allow users with their raw results to say. Gene R67548 potentially higher riskof rheumatoid  arthritis. They would provide some over the top service with additional analysis and user sourced finding.  

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