Friday, April 11, 2014

Amazon Fire TV Review

I've owned it for a week today so I thought I'd make a small review.  I'll post some pictures later.

Fastest and most legal way to watch TV,Movies online
Quad Core Processor and Dedicated GPU make animations and gameplay buttery smooth
Great Starter App and Game Selection
Debug Mode is Still There!!
Prime Instant Video Collection is growing everyday
Casual and midcore games selection are very engaging

Can’t Shop from Amazon (yet)
Lack of Third Party Voice Search
Limited App Selection
Apps Purchased online don’t always make it to the FireTV
Even Less Limited Game Selection
No remote control apps on Android and iOS
Keyboard Layout should be QWERTY and not 1-9 A-Z it makes it really hard to type
Keyboard Carousel should resume at the last letter and not start over at A


Support True Miracast Receiver Abilities from all Miracast Capable Senders

Tweak Mojito ever to slightly. The app installer uses entirely too many resources in the background and interrupt foreground.

Work on a DLNA App

Install to device from the web

HDMI-CEC. Pressing home on the remote/controller. Power on the tv if it’s off

What’s on tv based on your zip code to spur tv purchases

Questions: Why are you guys using Akamai for CDN services?

I would recommend this product to everyone. The interface and layout are simple enough that my mom could use it.

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